Hotwired Punk Band

Live Photos / TRUNKY

Standing at the bar,
Enjoying a conversation,
Trunky buts in,
Without an invitation,

Chorus; Keep your fucking nose out,
It's not wanted here,
You're a trunky twat,
Why must you interfere?

You add your stupid comments,
For which we didn't ask,
I'll tell yer what to do with them,
You can stick them up your arse,


Punks, Skins even Rockers,
The victims are not known,
Always picking holes in others,
He just loves to moan,


Your a nosey cunt,
Giving me such strife,
Got no choice but to be blunt,
Get a fucking life,

Chorus x3 ;

Lyrics : Si
Music : Dale Beauchamp ©Hotwired

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