Hotwired Punk Band

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Hotwired - Fucktastic EP

Reviewed by Donnie Mcgibbon

Got this 6 track e.p. from the band a few weeks ago and glad I did!  You get 6 tracks clocking in at just over 17mins and a wee belter it is indeed!!  The band consist of Emma-vocals, Si-bass, Sir Paul-guitar, Steve Contempt- guitar and Salty on drums. The first track is called "Fuck the Government" and is really melodic blast of punk that has sooooo many fucks in it it's unreal! It gets the e.p of to a great start and it just doesn't stop, up next is a harder track "Friday Night" which has some superb guitar work on it and great lyrics about the perils of getting pissed on a Friday night. The band are as tight as fuck with some superb guitar on every track and Emma has a really good voice which gives the whole thing a more melodic less harsh feel about it.
They mix it up with some slightly slower parts on this too like on the track "Make it Count" where it rattles along and then dips into a really nice slower part before taking off again, great stuff!
All in all this is a great release from a band I really want to hear more from, some great lyrics and some excellent playing makes it a must buy folks! Track them down on facebook for your own copy, it will be worth your while!


Reviewed by Woodstock

On offer here are 6 tracks from Hotwired with Emma taking over on vocals, the last Cd I heard by them was way back when they had Dave singing which was some time ago I think, I have seen the band a few times in recent months and they always play from the heart and full of Punk rock cheer, I have chatted with most of the guys at one time or another, although mainly Si who is a Top bloke and I have seen him at many a gig supporting the underdogs and that's always gonna get my vote haha, unfortunately not had an opportunity at any of these gigs to speak with Emma but she does have a great Mohican and some nice ink haha.

So to this CD

Fuck the Government

Friday Night*

Governors Man

Make it Count*


Orgasm Enthusiasm

(Tracks re-recorded with Emma on vocals from previous CD)

This is a good reflection of the band and where they are now, the songs are well put together and have a good well mixed sound, especially in Headphones, the opener is a weaker song, it doesn't have that bouncey rolling feel that there songs usually have and I think for that impact, that smack in the face track 2 Friday Night would have been better its got more power and oomph and after all we have all been part of a Friday night like that haha, shredding guitars, great backing and Emma's powerful voice makes for a winning combination

by track 3 they have settled in, this is my favourite track on here it has a cheeky twist to the vocal and the rocking bopping tune fits the band very well, this is there niche and live this is the sound and sort of songs that they excel at, a good sound on this recording too with real snappy drumming powering the track along. Make it Count and Trunky follow in the same vein both keeping the pace and power going, leading to the finale which I feel is only saved from Ok by some fantastic fake climaxing by Emma, that must have been fun to record, this and the first track for me are the weak points and don't showcase the bands energy and love of what they do and are part of, also some of the recordings seem to have a different sound I don't know if they were recorded in different places but certainly makes a difference to the feel over all.

On the whole though these are all minor things and if you want a sound bite of what Hotwired are and do then get this Ep at there next gig, they are out there all the time and deserve support, as they support others.

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 Woodstock Punkrock


HOTWIRED - "Make It Count"
by Anna Pirhana

It is hard to imagine punk music coming up with anything original a good 20+ years after the fact.  Bands come and go, evolving into different sounds and dying out when punks begin traveling other, more conventional roads.  Some of us have resorted to expecting the old bands that stiill tour like The Damned and The Buzzcocks to hand deliver the definitive punk sound.  There is hope, however, in the form of Hotwired's "Make It Count" CD, which breathes life into punk by simply delivering the sort of sound that has defined this genre. All the cuts on this CD delivers the band's enthusiasm, packaging into their music with all the passion and excitement of a live show that most bands seem to lose in the studio.  While the band relies mostly upon a basic, gritty sound, "Make It Count," the CD's title cut, starts with a few riffs that explode into something more complex and driving with clever changes in rhythm.  "It's Only Punk Rock" is an honest, comedic look at punk rock, making no bones that "...we're only punk rock, we're out to shock..."  While this may be true for the millions of fledging punk bands out there, Hot Wired does it better than

Hotwired live at the reef bar dvd  05/03/05

managed to eventually find a dvd player to play this, its in yer face aggressive punk going by this they're tight as fuck live, hope to catch em at the workin class unity gig in london in july, all the faves on here  make it count-yob-police informer-mr know it all-domestos and drugs.

reviewed by Anarchoi zine,3 hazelgrove, kilwinning, ayrshire, ka13 7jh



The eve of the big day, Hotwired's first tour outside the UK.....                            

we had all been excitedly looking forward to our European debut and in just a few hours we would be leaving Heathrow for Romania.We, the band our manager and the soundman, gathered at my house, preparing Cd's and drinking vodka until the van came. Soon we were heathrow bound.......


We arrived at the airport about 4.30am and some went off to find a bar. I told them to behave and not get too drunk and Sado called me an old Fanny. Soon we were on the plane, high above England, and really flying into the unknown.......    In Romania we were met by the manager of the Underworld club and our promoter in Bucharest, Gabby. Over a few beers we met some of his contacts and were told the first gig was canceled. We hope this didn't bode badly for the rest of the tour.After dinner we went to the apartment of a mutual friend, Oana, Who looked after us well. Sado in particular was very hungover so maybe we wouldn't have made such a good start.


The following morning Alan awoke to he had been drawn on and titch had his hair spiked with toothpaste. Oh the dangers of falling asleep first! At least no one lost an eyebrow. Our guide, Cicerone, traveled with us today to Timisora. We spent 8 hours on the train, we were not expecting such a long journey so were completely unprepared with no food or water. Ruggy had a tin of cold beans and the rest of us shared Cicerones sunflower seeds a local delicacy, apparently. This is a country where the average worker earns about 60 a month. We soon noticed there are no overweight people in this part of Europe and the food has nothing of the variety we are used to at home.In Timisoara we were met by one of the organizers and taken to the venue, it was great to see Hotwired posters in the streets on our way. We played night in a fantastic building , like an old church with chandeliers. Apart from some idiot letting off a mace canister when the excellent support band 'No Mans Band' played the gig went really well. We started with it's only punk rock and the crowd went mad, pogoing about all night and screaming for more at the end. Later that night we spent our earnings on takeaway for everyone and were amazed to find we could get pizza delivered at 3am! Finally got to sleep at 5am knowing we were catching the train at 7am.....


We mostly slept on the journey back to Bucharest as we traveled through a strange land of cattle drawn carts and people in fields. Back at the Underworld club we found we were the only band playing that night so knew we had to make it a good one. We played really well and the crowd loved it and jumped around during the whole set. Our covers went down really well and again we played an encore.


Today Gabby and Cicerone took us to Dracula's castle in Transylvania. It took a long time to get there but it was worth it just to say we had been. Later back at the Underworld, we played another gig but word had spread and tonights crowd was even bigger. During the gig Gabby, was backstage organizing tomorrows transport to Bulgaria, top bloke.


Next day a van arrived and we crossed the border into Bulgaria with no hitches. In Plovdiv we met up with Mad Wolfy and a load of Bulgarian punks and headed to the Sax club, a dim, seedy looking underground cellar, for the next gig.We were the first British band to ever play there! The beer was very cheap and we played a great gig in a very busy venue. The crowd were really enthusiastic, jumping around and hanging from the roof beams they loved Hotwired but for us the evening was soured by the Nazi leanings of some of the crowd.After the gig we headed to the local off license where we spent in minutes what the owner normally takes in days ! Punk Rock boosts the economy!!


The final leg of our tour and what a ride to Shumen! Dodgy roads full of potholes , lorries and cars zig-zagging to avoid them. At the venue we were interviewed several times by Bulgarian T.V and Radio stations. Bands from all over Eastern Europe were playing, including Bulgaria's top band and we were listed to headline! We knew had better pull it off. This was one of our favorite gigs of the tour we played well and the audience especially enjoyed our version of 'Sex and Violence@ with Titch our soundman on drums. They went mad when Alan and tom stage-dived into the crowd, what a great gig, and fantastic tour.


At least a dozen of our new friends turned up to see us off on our last day. We promised to come and i think we will. Thanks to all of you that looked after us so well .                                        


Here is a review of our Pissed & Knackered demo CD
Reviewed by Organart web site.

Old school binliner punks who are destined to fester on the dole for ever and ever, while they wait for the next punx picnic to come around - for all you blitz/subs/motorhead/rejects scum everywhere- you know you want it. Real punk rock is good for you (and we're not talking blink 182 here), check 'em out they do it well.



HOTWIRED - Make it Count
Punk at it's finest. Took me back to the good old days of glue and gobbing down at the sadly missed Roxy club way back in the 'orrible '70's. Superb songs, especially 'Domestos And Drugs' and 'Yob' plus the fact that they've got an awesome image. Gonna go far. THE DOGS TESTIS!!!!
Review by Krusher.
Krusher is famous for his rock radio shows, working on Kerrang magazine, designing album covers for the likes of Black Sabbath, fighting with Sharon while MC'ing Ozzfest and of course his own tv shows in the 80s, what Krusher doesn't know about rock probably isn't worth knowning.


Just a few words about the gig and weekend as a whole. Started off on Saturday lunch time being picked up by Dave and straight into the back of his van. There was a fridge in there full of lager. But I got to say it was warmer in that fridge than it was in the back of his van.

Sado and Paul were both in front with a heater. Sado reckons it was because of his asthma that he needed to sit in front..Yeah right we got there around 6ish I think .took gear in then heard about the cops trying to close it down. There was a health inspector coming any moment with 2 or 3 cops to check if all safety things were in place.


 where those guys from found those first aid kits and exit signs so quick is amazeing.still it did the trick as cops could find no legal reason to stop it...the Hotwired  boys then went of upstairs to put on make up. I got lots of  pics of this and I got to say they really seemed to enjoy putting it on a bit too much for my liking  lol.


Then it was of to get even more beers down before the gig started. It was a packed venue and Hotwired played a great set with plenty of people dancing and falling over watching them. They finished up with Sheena is a punk rocker as an encore witch went down very well..

Later on around half 5 in mornings the cops finally raided the place on noise grounds and kicked everyone out. So back to frozen van for uncomfortable few hours sleep till off to Liverpool. We got to that venue around midday and they let us sit in the bar till 2pm drinking our own beer which I thought was well good. Then it was pitchers of lager till band went on.

It was more a rock crowd there and as we had long way to travel home they let band play 2 hours early. So after 8 pitchers of lager we were of home .got back around 2am I think..Cheers to Dave for driving and get a bloody heater mate ok J


Cheers Ruggy.



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